Our Philosophy

You can’t separate a language from its own born-and-bred culture. Nor can you learn French effectively from a DVD - or in an overcrowded classroom.

We’re a community, allowing students to meet and converse with fellow francophiles over a cup of coffee, browse our library, attend film screenings, etc in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

who we are

We are two cousins and self-confessed grammar geeks who decided to found a French language center based on intimate and culturally savvy classes. Léa grew up in Tours and Toulouse, and she moved to New York six years ago. Marianne grew up in Paris and lived in London and Berlin for several years before joining Léa. Our professional backgrounds include music, marketing and hospitality as well as teaching and languages. We have developed a tried and true curriculum and teaching method.

language meets culture

At Coucou Brooklyn, you can sign up for French classes small enough (nine students maximum) to provide you with an optimal amount of speaking time and personal attention. Combining language with culture is why our classes are simultaneously fun and useful. In class, we will teach you all about the Parisian music scene, the 35-hour work week, and proper French table manners… in French. That way, you get a cultural education—and venture forth with the confidence that it’s 100% authentic.

Coucou: a community

We’re not just a school: we’re also a community. Our classes are a great place to meet and chat with fellow francophiles. Our teacher are always happy to recommend French movies and TV shows, and to let you borrow a book or a magazine from our extensive library. Or you can simply attend one of our events, which aim to bridge the traditional aspects of French culture with a more current, modern and youthful vision.

You and Coucou

If you’re learning for fun, you’ll have a smoother time navigating French films, and traveling to France or 29 other French-speaking countries around the world. If you’re motivated by work or love, you’ll gain plenty of conversational material to test your mettle. We’ll set up realistic scenarios, injecting you into a job interview or business lunch, a date, a first encounter with your lover’s parents.