Debunking the French Stereotype

July 19, 2017

Are French people really drinking red wine all day while smoking cigarettes and cursing Americans? Not so sure! In her new piece, Coucou student Lydia digs into five of the biggest French stereotypes. I came upon a cartoon recently that was so obviously a depiction of a Frenchman it almost hurt. What gave it away? The beret, […]

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Here are the 10 Best French Films on Netflix Now

May 10, 2016

Watching films is a superb way to learn French, and luckily for those with access to a Netflix account, there is a rotating slew of Francophone options available for all tastes, with and without English subtitles. Here are some of our favorite French-language films currently available on Netflix, with a focus on films released in […]

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Cover of the Day / Reprise du Jour : “Marie Douceur/Marie Colère” – Marie Laforêt (1966) from The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black”

June 27, 2016

“MARIE DOUCEUR/MARIE COLERE” – MARIE LAFORET (1966) FROM THE ROLLING STONES’ “PAINT IT BLACK” From the same year as the Hallyday track we recently featured, we get Marie Laforêt’s amusing take on the Stone’s “Paint it Black”, with the titular Marie hiding feistiness behind a soft façade. Laforêt, herself a major figure in 60s French […]

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