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Opening Friday, October 11th 7pm – 10pm

Stephane Pain was born and raised in Paris, France, where his mother, who was a fashion producer for the iconic fashion magazine Marie Claire, first introduced him to photography. He spent his summers working with her. In 1997, they set up a fashion production company together. Stephane ended his career as producer when he moved to New York in 2007 to fully embrace photography.

 He has since photographed hundreds of portraits and urban landscapes, and now uses his pictures as a tool to share with others his view of our modern western society.

 In 2013, Stephane exhibited his works at South 4th Café and Pudge Knuckle in Williamsburg. This third exhibition regroups his Polaroid, Fuji transfers and mixed media photography.

 The themes chosen for this show revolve around Paris, where the artist grew up; the American Flag, which represents his freedom; Williamsburg, where he currently lives; portraits, in which he sought to capture happiness; and his latest work, in which he describes the things that bother him in our society.