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Find the class format that is best suited to your skill level and follow the Coucou Method for a seamless progression through French language learning!

Whether you’re taking classes for personal or professional reasons, whether you’re prepping for a job interview, a trip to a French-speaking country or you’re simply driven by your passion for Proust or Nouvelle Vague cinema, we will help you achieve your goals and hopefully you’ll have a good time getting there!

New York Classes

New York Group Classes

Our centrally-located flagship location is easily accessible from all five boroughs.

Classes are held 7 days a week throughout the day at our Nolita headquarters, with many offerings for all levels of proficiency as well as cultural workshops.

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L.A. Group Classes

Los Angeles Group Classes

Join us for a group or private lesson at Coucou Los Angeles!

First Coucou hire and recent L.A. transplant Margaux is running operations out of our Downtown L.A. office, along with a team of great teachers. Classes are also offered in Pasadena.

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Corporate Classes

Whether you are a French company with offices in the US, or any institution who wants to encourage further education and team bonding, you can benefit from your employees learning French!

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Corporate Classes
Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Meet privately with one of our teachers at flexible times; a curriculum made to fit your specific needs and interests and adapted to your own pace.

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