Introducing Coucou’s Book Club!

September 11, 2018   Learning French

Are you feeling nostalgic for your college days at the start of this new school year? Do you miss talking to others about what you’re reading, or need a reason to pick up a good book? If so, don’t hesitate to join the Coucou French Book Club this fall!

Over the course of 5 Sunday sessions, we will work through Goncourt prize-winning classic of 20th century French literature, L’amant (1984) by Marguerite Duras. Each week, we will split our attention between reading comprehension of the assigned pages and discussion of the work’s major themes. Our teacher and self-proclaimed resident literature expert Thomas will facilitate discussion, answer any questions you may have and provide relevant critical and historical context.

About the book

In L’amant, Duras recalls a largely autobiographical episode from her childhood in French Indochina. At the age of 15, our protagonist begins a sexual relationship with a Chinese man she meets on her way to high school. He’s richer, older, and experienced; their love affair grows tainted by the power imbalance between them and the ever-looming presence of her family whom he financially supports. All grown up, the narrator’s reflection on her puppy love lingers on some of the novel’s main themes, namely the transience of time and the power of memory. Duras’s vivid penmanship carries the reader through one of the most haunting works of the French modern canon. It’s the perfect read for anybody interested in  gripping love stories, historical fiction or a complex female character.

The Book Club with run every Sunday from 4pm to 6pm, from October 14th to November 11th. Spots are limited to encourage a more fruitful conversation!

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***The class will be taught in French and requires a good understanding of written and spoken French.

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