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New “Intro to French” Class

June 4, 2020

Coucou is launching a new 4-part online workshop for absolute beginners, those who have had no previous exposure to French or other foreign languages. This workshop functions as a primer for the Coucou curriculum, so students will know what to expect before embarking on their French-learning journey.

In this workshop, we’ll cover the rules of French pronunciation, some basic vocabulary such as numbers and the days of the week, French greetings and other simple everyday phrases. We will not get into the specifics of French grammar or learn verb conjugations just yet – if you feel ready to jump straight into that, you can join one of our regular beginner classes instead.

If you are interested in learning French but find the prospect daunting, this could be a good place to start! This workshop could also be of interest to someone who just wishes to learn some simple vocabulary and phrases before travelling to France or another French-speaking country.

The Intro to French workshop will be offered throughout the summer.

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