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Coucou Private lessons

Le Petit Coucou is Coucou’s younger sibling, allowing us to offer online French classes for children and teens. It’s never too early to start learning a foreign language – in fact, the earlier the better! It’s amazing how fast and seemingly effortlessly children can absorb new information.

For toddlers (1 – 5 years old), we focus on learning French through songs. For children (6 – 13 years old), we offer flexible private and semi-private tutoring options where new vocab is introduced through a variety of fun and interactive activities. For teens (14 – 18 years old), we offer a progressive and thorough language program similar to Coucou’s adult curriculum.

Whether your family is multicultural and your child already speaks some French at home; whether he or she is already enrolled in a dual-language immersion program and needs some tutoring; or if you simply want your little one to acquire a fun new skill in a stimulating environment – we’ve got you covered!

Le Petit Coucou

Let your little one embark on a magical, musical French journey with our teachers Marie and Quentin!

With years of experience as professional singers and singing instructors for both kids and adults, Marie and Quentin have spent the last few months optimizing the lessons for an online format, incorporating props and colorful backgrounds to keep the children focused and entertained. The sessions are kept short (30 minutes) to best capture your little one's attention and imagination and introduce them to classic French children's songs. Parents or supervisors are encouraged to sing along. Cuteness will ensue!


Le Petit Coucou

It's never too early to introduce children to a new language and culture, whether they are a part of the child's family background or not!

You can schedule private tutoring sessions for your child, at the frequency of your choosing - you'll be amazed at how quickly you start noticing progress in your child's French expression! Alternatively, you can build your own groups of 2 to 5 children with sliding scale pricing. Our teachers will adapt the content of the course to the age and proficiency level of your child or children. Activities will be kept short and sweet and optimized for a virtual learning environment.


Le Petit Coucou

Most of us at Coucou started learning English as teenagers, so we intimately understand how crucial these years can be when it comes to developing a passion for other languages and cultures.

Language instruction in middle and high schools is often found lacking, which is a real missed opportunity to capitalize on the learning ease of youth - it's evidently harder to start learning a language as an adult. In addition, tech-savvy teens are uniquely equipped to take full advantage of remote learning tools. Make the most out of these confusing times by enrolling your teenager in an online French class at Coucou!


Coucou Private lessons

Our teachers

All the teachers on Le Petit Coucou’s team, some of whom are parents themselves, are highly passionate about teaching children and teens, and are excited to translate that experience to an online setting.

If you are curious about a particular teacher’s background and credentials, feel free to ask us by emailing – we would be happy to provide additional information!


Classes for toddlers, children and teens will be offered starting September 2020.

Our rates will be announced soon; please check back here in a few days or contact us at for a quote.

Classes for toddlers (1 – 5 years) last 30 minutes, classes for kids (6 – 10 years) last 45 minutes, and classes for teens (11 – 17 years) last 1 or 1.5 hrs.

Yes! At first, parents will have the option of forming their own groups of up to 5 kids of a similar age (siblings, classmates, friends etc) and scheduling classes at a time of their choosing. If you don’t have anyone to form a group with, please contact us and we can add your child to an existing group that matches their age and French proficiency level. Later on, we will be adding our own group class offer, organized by age groups, at fixed times.

Yes, all of our teachers are native French speakers!