Learn French in Burgundy!

September 5, 2018

Discover La Bourgogne

Imagine yourself surrounded by medieval castles, historic villages, charming little eateries and open markets, and breathtaking views of nature as if straight out of a storybook. Except this fairytale is real–set in the picturesque French region of Burgundy (Bourgogne).

Dating all the way back to the Renaissance and the Middle Ages, the historical Burgundy region is known for its heritage, fine style of living and its prestigious setting. Located just an hour and a half from Paris, Lyon, and Dijon, Burgundy is a tranquil rural region in the heart of France with a rich and unique tradition of medieval history, cuisine, art, and architecture.  In addition, people often visit Burgundy to experience some of France’s most rich and aged wines. Burgundy is very popular amongst French people from other regions as a weekend getaway.

An Immersive Program with Livin’ French & Coucou

Coucou’s partner Livin’ French invites you to discover Burgundy while learning French! The guests will experience total immersion in the cultural and culinary aspects of Burgundy, all while practicing the ins-and-outs of the French language through our intensive, innovative, and fun teaching method.

No one ever became fluent in a new language from a textbook. Therefore, we believe that the best way to learn a new language is to truly live it, both in and out of the classroom. If you would like to begin learning French while simultaneously experiencing the French lifestyle through everyday activities like sightseeing, shopping, cooking, wine tasting, and dining, then Livin’ French’s ten day immersion program was made for you. Through wandering along the cobblestoned streets of Pérouges, to having lunch at the famous Bouchon Lyonnais in Lyon, you won’t regret participating in the program.

The Coucou Method aims to uphold an intimate and cozy learning atmosphere at the core, allowing a personalized experience for each student. Coupled with the relaxing snail-paced lifestyle of Burgundy, you will stay in a beautiful guesthouse in the gorgeous area of Bresse-Burgundy. Ten days jam-packed with delight, cultural events, and pure fun weave for a positive paradigm for language learning. Without a doubt, you will be making significant progress in your French speaking abilities and be left with knowledge and memories to last a lifetime. And don’t forget to come on an empty stomach!

To start arranging your stay, check out the program and choose your level according to the Coucou French Classes standards. We’ll take care of the rest to assure that your experience is worth your while!

Coucou is also planning to organize an immersive trip on the property next Spring, stay tuned!