Private Lessons

You can book a private session with one of our teachers at any of our locations where our regular curriculum will be followed but where it will be adapted to your own pace and can also be made to fit your specific needs and interests – whether you need to prep for a language exam or a trip to France.

This format is well suited to the truly dedicated, who thrive best in a one-on-one setting and are eager to progress fast. It is also a more flexible option for people whose schedule doesn’t allow them to attend the group classes.

Please note that private lessons are available in our Williamsburg location until May 2018 only. After that, all private lessons will be held in our new flagship location on 253 Centre Street in Nolita. We can also offer private lessons through Skype if you are not able to come to us.

Coucou Private lessons



$70/hour daytime

12 hour daytime package: $700 (2 free hours!)

Monday to Thursday 11:30am to 5:30pm

$90/hour primetime

12 hour primetime package: $900 (2 free hours!)

Evenings and weekends - subject to availabilities



12 hour package: $1000 (2 free hours!)


$90/hour @ WeWork Fine Arts Building

12 hour primetime package: $900 (2 free hours!)

Subject to availabilities

$100/hour @ other WeWork locations or at your own location

12 hour package: $1000 (2 free hours!)

Subject to availabilities


Soho Private Lessons


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L.A. Private Lessons


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