Are object pronouns still a mystery to you?
Do you shudder whenever you hear the word “subjunctive”?
Are you getting all your past tenses mixed up?

Our weekly workshops are designed to drill you on those pesky grammar topics that you just can’t wrap your head around. We’ll go over the rules one more time and practice with some exercises, more in depth than we would in your regular group class. Offered in Williamsburg only.

  • Open to students of all levels
  • $30 drop-in
  • Fridays 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays 4pm
  • Class schedule changes every week.
  • Email to save a spot

September Week #1

Friday September 8


open to level 2 and up

Mixing your le, la, les and your un, une, des? Even more confused by when to use du and de la? This workshop is for you!

Saturday September 9

Possessifs / démonstratifs

open to level 2 and up

In this workshop, you will learn the difference between my and mine, this and that one, etc.

Sunday September 10

Expressions de temps

open to level 4 and up

I lived in DC for 3 years, I've been living in NYC for 5 years, I will go to France for 2 weeks.. Those require 3 different words in French - but which ones!?

September Week #2

Friday September 15

Pronoms objets

open to level 3 and up

I speak to them, I listen to her, I give it to him, I eat some, I go there.. Learn how to master the use of lui, leur, y, en and other pesky little words!

Saturday September 16


open to level 4 and up

French if/then sentences are a little complex - learn how to build them and review various tense conjugations at the same time!

Sunday September 17


open to level 1 and up

Hands down the hardest thing about French. All students stand to benefit from practicing their pronunciation.

September Week #3

Friday September 22

Verbes irréguliers

open to level 2 and up

Can't remember your irregular verbs present tense conjugations? Unfortunately hard to bypass since you will need to know these well if you want to go forward.

Saturday September 23


open to level 5 and up

Further your knowledge of and confidence with the subjonctif présent and the subjonctif passé - both the conjugations and when to use them.

Sunday September 24

Temps du passé

open to level 3 and up

If you need to feel confident conjugating verbs in passé composé, imparfait and plus-que-parfait, and knowing exactly when to use which!

September Week #4

Friday September 29

Futur / conditionnel

open to level 4 and up

One is a tense, one is a mood, but they share a very similar conjugation. Come to find out more about it!

Saturday September 30

Pronoms relatifs

open to level 5 and up

Qui, que, où, dont, lequel, etc... Another tricky grammar topic in French, for which extra practice never hurts!

Sunday October 1

Thème du mois (avancé)

open to level 5 and up

In this workshop, we will pick an advanced grammar topic not usually covered in our regular class curriculum. For grammar nerds only - topic suggestions welcome!