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Apéro with Kalyane

Introduction to French conversation

Imagine you’re in Provence, sitting sur la terrasse, as the Sun sets and the sounds of the cicadas drift in from the fields. You’re gathered with friends around a small table, speaking French. You might not catch every joke or sentence, but the rosé helps loosen you up enough to say a few things, and you find yourself learning so much, so fast. Little phrases, idioms or new words. And the cultural references help you follow along even better.

Get exclusive insights into the language!

The purpose is to allow students, even those just beginning, to speak and learn the language from an informal situation where we talk about French culture – music, books, and film – as well as the French way of life.

And needless to say, Kalyane will come with plenty of recommendations for lovers of French culture – things you watch and read to keep learning on your own.

FRIDAY, July 24th – 5pm PST / 8pm EST (sign up here)

* This workshop will be held on Zoom *