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Meditation is très en vogue

May 17, 2019

As part of our new Wellness workshops series at Coucou, we’re launching our very own innovative French meditation classes! Led by our longtime language teacher Florian (who also happens to be an expert in bodyArt–check out a video of him here!), these sessions help our students destress through a calming mind-body experience. Although Florian leads the sessions in French, he tailors them to all language levels. So if you’re a beginner or someone who’s never studied at Coucou before you can try them out!


We think that meditation is the perfect activity to supplement language learning. And scientists agree with us! The benefits of meditation are backed by a variety of scientific studies. Practicing mindfulness changes the way your brain processes stress, improves your ability to focus, and boosts your mood while strengthening your memory. Practicing mindfulness allows you to better process new information and perform new tasks (like learning French!). While meditation might seem like an intimidating concept, in reality there’s no perfect way to meditate. Meditating for just ten minutes a day in any environment will have positive effects on your mind and body.


Recently, the French have come to appreciate the benefits of meditation. According to an article in Le Monde, French psychiatrists have begun prescribing meditation sessions to their patients to help them overcome anxiety. The creators of the French app Mind, which walks you through ten minutes of guided meditation once a day, have organized a Parisian “Meditation Week,” which will take place in June.

And Meditation isn’t just a Parisian fad. In 1982, Thai Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh founded Le Village des Pruniers (Plum Village) near Bordeaux in southwestern France. Every year, Plum Village welcomes thousands of meditation practitioners from all around the world who come to experience the art of mindful communal living. You can learn more about the village and its retreats here.


Recently, primary schools have begun incorporating meditation into their curricula. Although we don’t offer classes for children, we believe that our meditation courses for adults will be really effective. Meditation in the classroom has proven benefits for students of any ages! At Coucou, we value holistic learning and we’re really excited to be the first French school in NYC to launch meditation classes. We know that our students retain French best when they engage with the language in different contexts. We’re confident that our meditation classes will help all language learners absorb French in a natural way and ultimately make significant progress.

Whether you’ve been meditating for years or are interested in trying it out, you can sign up for one of our wellness workshops here!


By Sophia Millman