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Kids Classes

Did you know that French is the only language, other than English, to be spoken on all 5 continents?

Open your children’s world by introducing them to the French language and culture!

Whether your family is multicultural and your child already speaks some French at home; whether he or she is already enrolled in a dual-language immersion program and needs some tutoring; or if you simply want your little one to acquire a fun new skill in a stimulating environment – we’ve got you covered!

Let your children embark on a fun French journey by enrolling them in one-on-one lessons. Our kids program follows a structured curriculum and children will enjoy learning French through playful and educational activities, songs, stories and creative projects.


You can either schedule private tutoring sessions, or team up with other parents to set up a learning pod of up to 5 children of a similar age and language proficiency. Class content will be tailored to fit the group’s specific needs and pace. Activities will be kept short and sweet, and optimized for a virtual learning environment.


Our teacher Veronica has many years of experience teaching children of all ages in French, but also in English and Spanish.

Here is her upcoming availability:

  • Mondays – 4-5pm
  • Tuesdays – 4-5pm
  • Thursdays – 1-3pm
  • Fridays – 1-3pm

If you are interested in signing your kid(s) up for a French class, please contact us at


Private tutoring sessions are priced $80 for a 1-hour lesson, or $800 for a package of 12 lessons (2 free lessons!) – purchase below and contact to schedule!


Semi-private lessons (between 2 and 5 children) are priced between $40 and $60 per kid for a 1-hour lesson, or between $400 and $600 for a 12-lesson package. These can also be scheduled at a time of your choosing.

SINGLE LESSON(price per child attending)
12-LESSON PACKAGE(price per child attending)
2 children $60 $600
3 children $50 $500
4 children $45 $450
5 children $40 $400

Toddlers - Les Tout Petits (2-4 years old)

It’s never too early to start learning a foreign language – in fact, the earlier the better! It’s amazing how fast and seemingly effortlessly children can absorb new information.

The sessions are kept short (30 minutes) to best capture your little one's attention and imagination and introduce them to basic words in French, based on different themes (colors, animals, clothing and food). Your child will learn through play, songs, repetition and art projects. (One parent or caregiver is welcomed to attend the class with their child(ren)).

Kids - Les Enfants (5-10 years old)


It's never too early to introduce children to a new language, whether that language is a part of the child's family background or not!

Class content will be tailored to fit your child's specific needs and level. Activities will be kept short and sweet, and optimized for a virtual learning environment. You'll be amazed at how quickly you start noticing marked progress in your child's French expression. Sessions usually last 45 minutes, and can be scheduled as frequently as you wish!  

Teens - Les Ados


Most of us at Coucou started learning English as teenagers, so we intimately understand how crucial these years can be when it comes to developing a passion for other languages and cultures.

Language instruction in middle and high schools is often found lacking, which is a real missed opportunity to capitalize on the learning ease of youth - it's evidently harder to start learning a language as an adult. In addition, tech-savvy teens are uniquely equipped to take full advantage of remote learning tools. Make the most out of these confusing times by enrolling your teenager in an online French class at Coucou!

Available Classes

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