Level 7 | Online


Thursday, Jun 06 - Thursday, Jul 11
11:30am - 1:00pm ET
5 Weeks


Claire was born and raised in Ville d'Avray, near Paris. She lived in New York City and Monterey, CA, and is currently based in Montreuil, France. She has a background in visual arts, design and writing, and has worked for Coucou since 2017. Besides teaching French, she is also a translator and is part of several literary communities in the US and Paris. She has a passion for all aspects of language, from etymology to poetry.

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Exprimer ses émotions

Sure, you know how to say you loved this new restaurant, that you’re super excited or interested in something, but how do you express your feelings in a more nuanced way? Explore new, modern, formal and casual ways to express yourself in French while expanding your vocabulary and refining your grammar skills.

What will be covered in this module:

  • les verbes de sentiments
  • parler de soi : les verbes réfléchis
  • différences culturelles entre la France et les US
  • l’expression des sentiments dans le cinéma et la littérature française
  • étude de paroles de chansons


** Skips July 4th

This class will be taught exclusively in French.


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You're Expert, if...

You only need an occasional review of advanced grammatical topics, and you mostly want to improve your conversation skills.

You’d like to work on your French slang and learn to master idiomatic expressions so you can truly sound like a native.

You would love to meet like-minded francophiles and learn more about French culture.

You can take this class repeatedly to keep your French alive and acquire new vocabulary: no one is ever “done” learning a language!