French in NYC

New York is a true global city with incredible cultural diversity. French is just one of the many languages spoken in the city, but the love story between New York and all things French is an enduring one. While some may say French has lost some of its former prestige and global outreach, recent articles in The New York Times and Business Insider have listed the continuing merits of learning French. Large parts of Africa, Asia, North America and the Caribbean are still French-speaking, and homegrown French culture is still a force to be reckoned with in areas such as fashion, food and cinema.

While there are several options for learning French in NYC, Coucou Brooklyn is the only independent language center entirely dedicated to French, in contrast to the many other schools which offer several languages but which lack a cultural angle. Coucou Brooklyn is the best option for French classes in New York if you appreciate passionate teaching and cultural relevance with a personal touch. Our team will be with you every step of the way and you will learn to love our hands-on approach to language tuition.

We may have chosen to call ourselves Coucou Brooklyn, but we love all the 5 boroughs just the same. Our Williamsburg headquarters are conveniently located within easy reach from Manhattan, Queens and other parts of Brooklyn. Our SoHo location is ideal for all the residents and professionals of downtown Manhattan (but also Midtown and Uptown!) who can join an evening group class after work.


We are far from being the only Frenchies promoting French culture in the 'hood!

Here are some friends who are doing great things in their respective fields - full support to these guys.