Kick off Paris 2024 with our own Little Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony event at Coucou NYC on July 26!

Kick off Paris 2024 with our own Little Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony event at Coucou NYC on July 26!

Our French Teachers in NYC, LA and online

Coucou teachers – all native French speakers – are the hosts on your French language journey.

All extensively trained in our unique method, they bring their own experiences in education, literature, art and entertainment to lead open-minded and stress-free lessons.

Alex (NYC)

Art LoverEnergeticHistory BuffPlayful

Alex was born and raised in Lyon and then moved to Paris to study finance. He did a semester abroad in Saint Petersburg, Russia and really wanted to discover the US. He arrived first in California, in March 2020 and then moved to NYC in June 2021. In addition to his full time job, Alex loves to teach French and speak about French culture. He also likes skiing, scuba diving and traveling as well as playing soccer.

Angèle (NYC)

Linguistics ExpertPlayfulSupportive

Angèle grew up in Normandy and Paris. She taught in multiple countries (France, Russia, Cameroon, Morocco, Taiwan, China and the UK). She moved from London to New York and joined Coucou in 2022. Passionate about games, Angèle will always find playful ways to challenge her students and get them to learn their vocabulary!

Anicet (NYC)

EnergeticHistory BuffLinguistics ExpertSupportive

Anicet was born in Gien, a small town in the South of Paris, and raised in the Loire Valley. Anicet came to the US in 2018 and joined Coucou a few months later. When it comes to language nerds, Anicet has the full package! In addition to a Master’s Degree in Classics, with a specialty in linguistics and language history, he is a trained professional singer. His career has taken him worldwide singing regularly in more than 6 languages.

Anka (LA)

Art LoverCreativeFoodieSupportive

If you want to place Anka on the map, look near the mountains! AFrench-Swiss binational, Anka studied international law in Lyon before working in Geneva, Zurich, and Monaco. She moved to LA in 2013 to pursue a new career in art and tech. Outside the classroom, you can find her playing golf, honing her painting skills, or showcasing her hosting talents at dinner parties with friends.

Anna (LA)

Art LoverCalm & CollectedFashionistaSupportive

Born and raised in the French Alps, but Parisian at heart, Anna has lived in England, Canada, Belgium and Namibia. In 2017, she moved to sunny LA, where she has been involved in several cultural and environmental projects, and later joined Coucou in 2020. She is fond of art, always eager to wander galleries and museums, and loves to draw. Special skills: Wonder Maman & environmental advocate!

Aurélien (LA)

Film NerdFoodiePlayfulSupportive

Aurélien was born in Le Chesnay, near Versailles, and raised in Montpellier, south of France. After completing his degree in filmmaking (production and direction) in Minneapolis, he moved to LA in 2020 by way of Boston, Paris and New York. Aurélien joined Coucou in 2019 and is passionate about cinema, sports and loves traveling. He’s a talented basket player and margarita maker!

Claire D. (ONLINE)

BookwormCalm & CollectedLinguistics ExpertSupportive

Claire was born and raised in Ville d’Avray, near Paris. She lived in New York City and Monterey, CA, and is currently based in Montreuil, France. She has a background in visual arts, design and writing, and has worked for Coucou since 2017. Besides teaching French, she is also a translator and is part of several literary communities in the US and Paris. She has a passion for all aspects of language, from etymology to poetry.

Djaka (NYC)

CreativeFilm NerdFoodiePlayful

Born in Paris and of Guinean and French descent, Djaka is a classically trained actress who started her career in theater and musical theater. Djaka is also a filmmaker and joined Coucou in 2021. Her passions include cinema, sushi, kindness, wine and sarcasm. Her special skill: Dancefloor Queen. Fun fact: Djaka was recently the face of badass fighter Halima in the video game “Call of Duty.”

Elena (NYC)

FoodieHistory BuffPlayfulSupportive

Elena was born in Georgia (the country not the state!) and raised all around Europe: Germany, Ireland, France. She has a Master’s Degree in International & Business Law and currently works remotely for a Parisian start-up. Elena moved to NYC and joined Coucou in 2022. She loves learning languages, traveling, singing as well as the world of wine (specifically champagne since she comes from the Champagne region!).

Eleonore (NYC)

CreativeFoodieMusic FanSupportive

Eleonore was born and raised in Picardie, Northern France. Passionate about languages, she studied Latin, English, Italian, German and Chinese. In 2016, after obtaining a cultural project management degree at La Sorbonne, Paris, Eleonore moved to NYC where she works as a restaurant manager. She joined Coucou in June 2024 and is excited to share her language and culture with all of her students!

Elsa (NYC)

Art LoverFoodiePlayfulSupportive

Born and raised in Lyon, Elsa moved to NYC in 2019 to study business law and real estate. Born of French and Congolese descent, she grew up in a culturally mixed household which awakened her desire to discover the world. Elsa is a published author in France and is passionate about literature, creative writing and arts in general. She loves learning new languages and meeting people. In her free time, Elsa loves to develop her photography skills, spend time with her dog and discover new places to visit in NYC.

Florian (ONLINE)

Calm & CollectedMindfulness GuruSupportive

Florian was born and raised in Perpignan, in the South-West of France. A graduated dance teacher, he moved to the US to continue teaching, with a focus on physical and emotional awareness coaching. He joined Coucou as an instructor in 2018. Outside of the classroom you’ll likely find him strolling through the streets, in a park, or moving to a new country. His special skill is helping people feel they have more choices than they think.

Gaspard (NYC)


Born and raised in Paris, Gaspard also lived in China and New Zealand. He had never set foot in New York City before moving there with his wife in late 2023, and has spent a lot of time discovering the city since then. He’s always on the lookout for nice places to eat and loves cooking. He works as a product designer and is a real tech nerd!




Géraldine (NYC)


Géraldine was born in the South West of France and grew up all around the country (Marseille, Vendôme, Tours…) before heading to Paris to study law and journalism. Passionate about traveling, writing and gastronomy, she decided to specialize in food journalism. She currently works for different french food magazines as a free-lancer. After living in Spain and China, she moved to New York and joined Coucou in 2023. When she is not teaching, Géraldine likes to cook and learn other languages. She can speak four languages but food is definitely her favorite!

Ghislain (LA)

Art LoverCalm & CollectedCreativeFashionista

Ghislain was born in Calais (North of France) and grew up on the French Riviera. He studied dance at the Conservatoire de Nice and then at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse in Paris. He moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to obtain a Master of Fine Arts at UCLA and joined Coucou in 2022. Ghislain is passionate about dance, music and painting. He’s learning sign language to continue his work as a dance teacher for nonprofits advocating dance for all abilities.

Jérémy (LA)

Art LoverFoodiePlayfulSupportive

Jérémy is a French-Italian actor, producer, writer, and teacher from Toulouse, France. He moved to Los Angeles in 2021, where he continued his career and found his life partner. A holder of an MFA in Acting (2022), BA in English World Studies, and BA in Cinema, Jérémy has taught French, Acting, and English in various colleges in France and England. He joined Coucou in 2023. Passionate about good food, drinks, and dark humor, Jérémy enjoys debates, politics, and 20th Century History. His favorite film is Marcel Pagnol’s “Marius,” and he’s a Star Wars enthusiast. In leisure, he plays video games or relaxes with friends over an apéro.

Jihanne (NYC)

Art LoverFashionistaPlayfulSupportive

Jihanne was born and raised in Avignon, in the south of France. After completing her Master’s Degree in Education, she taught in Lyon for five years. Passionate about travel and culture, Jihanne traveled throughout South America and Europe before moving to New York in 2021. She will help you interact in French, get to know the culture and prepare you for your next trip to France.

Joachim (LA)

EnergeticMusic Fan

Jordan (LA)

Art LoverCreativeFilm NerdPlayful

Born and raised in Paris, Jordan started working as a French tutor in New York in 2013. He is also an actor and writer who creates installations and performance art exhibited by Baert Gallery in Downtown LA. Jordan is Coucou’s resident film buff, having hosted several workshops about French cinema. Jordan runs @filmsdulosangeles, an LA-based media company aimed at cultivating passion for international cinema.

Julie (NYC)


Julie is from Besançon, in eastern France. After completing her Master’s Degree in International Law and Political Science, she moved to the US in 2011. She joined Coucou in early 2019. Julie is a mother of two and loves horseback riding and tennis. She also plays the flute.

Keveen (LA)

BookwormCalm & CollectedCreativeHistory BuffMusic Fan

Born and raised in Brive, in southwestern France, Keveen quickly relocated to Paris to pursue his passion for music. After teaching French and English in Peru, he settled in LA in 2011 and joined Coucou in 2020. He works as a language and music tutor and is also a touring musician and a fixture on the LA music scene, playing in several local bands.

Lisa (NYC)

Film NerdPlayfulSupportive

Lisa grew up in sunny Provence before moving to Paris, where she studied social sciences and international relations. She lived in Canada and Morocco before moving to the US in 2019, where she worked in corporate before becoming a translator. A true film nerd, she loves talking about movies and will always have good recommendations for things to watch in French!

Luca (NYC)

CreativeFilm NerdMusic FanPlayful

Luca was born in Paris to a French father and an Italian mother. He grew up between France and Italy before spending some years in London. He has an undergraduate degree in Italian literature from La Sorbonne and moved to NYC in 2018 to study Drama at The Juilliard School.

In addition to being an actor and writer, Luca is an avid fan of football (soccer) and music. He fell in love with salsa and Son Cubano after moving to the city. Luca speaks Spanish, French, Italian, and English. He loves learning about other cultures and has lived in and visited Central and South America. Luca considers himself Colombian and Mexican at heart and is a salsero in his free time.

Mahaut (NYC)

Art LoverBookwormCalm & CollectedSupportive

Mahaut /mah-oh/ is French and American. They were born and raised in Lille (northern France), where their mother is originally from. Mahaut studied English literature, journalism and museology. They moved to New York City to complete an internship in curation and contemporary art. Mahaut joined Coucou in 2021. When they are not teaching, Mahaut likes to make linocuts and illustrations and take photos. They can also play the kalimba.

Margot (ONLINE)

BookwormEnergeticMusic FanSupportive

Margot was born in Rambouillet, near Paris and grew up in Bordeaux. She received a B.A. in English Letters and Culture as well as an M.A. in American Culture. Margot split her time between Oklahoma and France from 2010 to 2016 when she officially moved stateside. She joined Coucou in 2022. In her spare time, Margot likes to ride and care for horses as well as hiking with her husband and their two dogs.

Marie (LA)

CreativeEnergeticMusic Fan

Born in Paris, Marie pursued studies in law before embracing global adventures in LA, London, and Amsterdam. A proud mother of two bilingual and bicultural children, she’s also a hiking and dancing enthusiast. For Marie, a perfect meal comprises a margherita pizza and a glass of wine – rosé in summer and red in winter.

Marion (NYC)


Marion was born and raised in Bordeaux. She moved to NYC where she has been managing the production process for different fashion luxury brands in the Garment District.
Outside of work, Marion always welcomes outdoor activities such as biking, hiking or handball. She also enjoys slow times to chill with a good book, watch a movie or bake a good dessert for her loved ones.

Melissa M. (NYC)

Melissa was born and raised in the Paris suburbs. After studying literature in France, Melissa moved to New York City to pursue her musical theater training. She is an actor, singer and dancer and also has experience in film dubbing. Melissa joined Coucou as a teacher in 2021 and never misses an opportunity to use her entertainment skills in her classes. Her other passions in life include ramen, history and ballet.

Mohamed (NYC)

Calm & CollectedFilm NerdHistory BuffSupportive

Mohamed Taguine is a communications strategist with the ACLU and a graduate from Sciences Po Paris. Originally from the northeast of France with roots in Morocco and Algeria, he moved to NYC 8 years ago to work for the United Nations and the independent media Democracy Now!. Passionate about soccer, he plays on the weekends and is also an avid listener of the French rap group PNL.

Olivier (LA)

Calm & CollectedFilm Nerd

Olivier was born in Paris,  grew up in South America and the South of France. He is an actor, writer and photographer, mainly shooting artists and desert landscapes… as well as artists in deserted landscapes. He has coached musicians and actors to perform in French, and joined Coucou in September 2023. Olivier is also an animal rights activist.

Pascal (LA)

Film NerdSupportive

Born and raised in Paris, Pascal came to the US in 2009 to study Politics and Italian at NYU. He joined Coucou in 2022. Theater aficionado, Pascal is also a skilled horseback rider and occasional painter.


Art LoverCalm & CollectedSupportive

Pia was born in the US and raised in the South of France. After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Archeology and a Master’s in Management, she started working in the corporate world, but then decided to follow her true passions: acting and producing, two domains within which she now thrives. Pia joined Coucou in 2016. She also loves dance, theater, cinema, and travel.

Quentin (NYC)

Art LoverEnergeticMusic FanSupportive

Quentin is French and American and was raised between the French Riviera and Maryland. He studied performing arts and specialized in musical theater. He joined Coucou as a teacher in June 2018. Quentin is a real showman and he loves using tools and games from his professional acting training to help his students better their language skills in a fun, caring, and conscious manner.

Sophia (LA)

Calm & CollectedFilm NerdFoodieSupportive

Sophia was born and raised in Paris. After studying haute couture embroidery, she honed her craft working for world-renowned fashion icons like Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier. However, when she’s not busy with her needle and thread, she loves to check out art exhibits at museums, going to the movies, cooking and drawing. She moved to Los Angeles at the beginning of 2023 and joined Coucou in May. She also loves her two little cats Amato and Mnouchkine.

Sophie (ONLINE)

BookwormCreativeLinguistics ExpertSupportive

Sophie was born in Paris and grew up between Paris and California. A professional classical vocalist, she is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Voice Performance. Sophie joined Coucou in 2019. She enjoys art, reading, eating, and cooking for people. As a singer, Sophie is trained to explain the physical technicalities of pronunciation.

Thibaut (LA)

Calm & CollectedFoodieMusic FanTech-savvy

Thibaut grew up in Lille, the biggest city in northern France, and his love of travel led him across Europe, Canada and Mexico. In addition to that, he is a sound engineer and guitar player. Thibaut joined the Coucou team in 2021. His taste in music is, according to him, pretty extreme – so if you are a fan of French AND heavy metal, he’s your guy. Thibaut is also very handy and can repair just about anything!

William (NYC)

Art LoverCreativeSupportive

William was born in Switzerland and grew up in Paris. After studying design, he worked for several French design agencies and international brands. In 2022, he moved to NYC and joined Coucou. As a designer, William is passionate about branding, architecture and graphic design, but as a Swiss, he’s also a mountain addict!

Zohra (NYC)

Art LoverCreativeFilm NerdSupportive

Zohra was born in Virginia and was raised in an Algerian-American household between Madagascar, South Africa and Swaziland. She moved to New York City in 2013 to pursue her undergraduate studies in theatre, and has since received a Master’s Degree in Global Thought. Zohra is an artist, researcher and expert communicator with an ability to capture the nuance of language. She joined Coucou in March 2024, and is excited about putting all of her passions into practice in the classroom.

Coucou Staff

Discover the team behind the scenes!

Victoire (NYC)

Chief Executive Officer

Victoire is a Paris-native and the driving force behind Coucou. A New-Yorker for 9 years, she discovered Coucou 7 years back and held numerous roles, from teacher to director of operations. Now, as CEO, she oversees marketing, product development, and operations. She is responsible for the school’s successful transition to an online platform in 2020, contributing to its rapid growth. Away from work, Victoire cherishes time with her family, practicing yoga, and indulging in wine, cheese, and oysters.

Margaux (LA)

Chief Marketing Officer

Margaux was born and raised in Bordeaux. After traveling the world working in a wide array of industries (HR, data analysis, marketing) she joined Coucou in 2013 and, with founders Léa and Marianne’s support, opened Coucou LA in 2017, before taking on the role of CMO. Margaux enjoys surfing and running in the hills of LA. She loves visiting museums with her partner and dancing with her two daughters. Margaux can knit a whole sweater and is fascinated by Google Analytics!

Alaina (NYC)

Student Support Manager & Marketing Copy Editor

Alaina is from Long Island, NY. Upon completion of her Master’s Degree in French Studies, she was an English teaching assistant in France in 2021-22. She started at Coucou in May 2022 as our Student Support Manager. Alaina is passionate about all things French. In her spare time, she loves drawing and painting.

Anka (LA)

Project Manager

If you want to place Anka on the map, look near the mountains! French-Swiss binational, Anka studied international law in Lyon before working in Geneva, Zurich, and Monaco. She moved to LA in 2013 to pursue a new career in art and tech. Outside the classroom, you can find her playing golf, honing her painting skills, or showcasing her hosting talents at dinner parties with friends.

Christine (LA)

Office Coordinator

Christine was born in Shanghai, China and raised in Queens, NY. She spent her childhood switching between English and Mandarin Chinese and introduced French into the mix when she lived in Lille and Bordeaux. Christine is an actor and writer and works in film. She joined Coucou LA in 2023. When not working, Christine can be found with a book at a café, cry laughing at the cinema or astro projecting into a podcast episode whilst on a walk.

Cynthia (LA)

Associate Director, Coucou LA

Cynthia was born and raised in Taverny, Île-de-France. After studying radio journalism, she became press secretary for a record label, where she met her husband. Cynthia followed him to LA and worked in varied industries. In 2017, she met Margaux, owner of Coucou LA, and decided to join Coucou. Cynthia enjoys playing ping-pong, singing karaoke, buying groceries at the market and unwinding with a good book.

Helen (NYC)

Office & Reception manager

Helen was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and plans to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Helen loves to read and craft (resin, stickers, glassware, you name it) during her spare time. Her special skill lies in gaming; namely RPG’s and arcade rhythm games.

Julie (NYC)

Training Manager

Julie is from Besançon, in eastern France. After completing her Master’s Degree in International Law and Political Science, she moved to the US in 2011. She joined Coucou in early 2019. Julie is a mother of two and loves horseback riding and tennis. She also plays the flute.

Melissa D. (NYC)

Social Media Director

Melissa was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. She has a Bachelors Degree in International Relations and French with a minor in Art Studio. Much like our students, she started learning French as an adult and spent part of her studies in La Rochelle, France. She joined the Coucou team in 2018 and over the last few years has been the head of Coucou’s social media. Her biggest advice to become fluent in French is to be ok with making mistakes! She’s also a professional hoop dancer and loves interior design.

Pamela (NYC)

Director, School Administration

Pam was born and raised in North East France and lived in 7 countries before joining Coucou in 2023 and making New York her home. When not building spreadsheets, you’ll find her exploring NY’s restaurant scene, trying to photograph birds, or simply crocheting in a café.

Pierre (NYC)

Director, Coucou Operations

Pierre was born and raised in the Ain region, nestled between Lyon and Geneva. He studied Classics (French, Latin, and Greek) in Lyon and lived in Paris and London before moving to NYC in January 2020. Pierre is a member of the admin team and has been a teacher at Coucou since 2020. When not teaching French, you will find him discussing politics over a meal or talking about food while reading the news.

Théo (NYC)


Théo was born and raised in Bruxelles, Belgium. After studying law and living in Paris and London, he shifted his interests towards music. Théo joined Coucou in 2022. When not at Coucou, he enjoys traveling and reading, and is a big soccer fan. Théo is also well versed in French politics.

Valentine (ONLINE)

Director, HR

Valentine grew up in Tours (Loire Valley) and Toulouse (southwestern France) and completed her Master’s degree in International Relations in Montpellier. She worked in Paris, Milan and Annecy as a headhunter. She moved to Berkley, CA in 2020 and joined Coucou in 2021. Valentine enjoys exploring California with her husband and her two kids.

Yoanna (NYC)


Yoanna was born in the former French concession area of Shanghai, where she read Les Misérables comic strip and works of Maurice LeBlanc and Jules Verne. She moved to La Verne near LA in 2006 and to New York in 2011 where she studied at Stella Studio of Acting and Brooklyn College. She has worked in theater, tech and hospitality before she joined Coucou in 2023. She likes to cook, bake, bug her cats, pet her neighbor’s husky and do word puzzles.


Léa Perret

Founder & Advisor

Léa grew up in Tours and Toulouse, and moved to New York in 2008. Before opening Coucou, she worked in another New York language school for several years. During her time there, she realized what she wanted to do differently at Coucou, namely to focus on culturally relevant content and intimate classes.


Léa uses her skills as an avid poker player to take calculated risks in all her business decisions. Never afraid to mix business with pleasure, Léa married one of her students! To unwind, she likes to travel to the French Caribbean with her son and husband. 

Marianne Perret

Founder & Chief Education Officer

Marianne was born and raised in Paris and moved to London to study English literature at UCL. After graduating, she moved to Berlin and worked in the music industry, where she gained experience in the day-to-day running of creative small businesses. In 2013, Marianne joined her cousin Léa in NYC to start the Coucou project. 


She is now based out of our location in LA. When she’s not managing the Coucou admin team and class schedule, she can be found cruising around Silver Lake on her blue e-bike. After work, Marianne is always down for an apéro with her friends.


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