Online Classes
Online Classes

Online French Classes

Join an online group class with Coucou from anywhere in North America and beyond, so you can learn French remotely from the comfort of your own home!

Our online classes meet on Zoom, once or twice a week depending on the chosen class format. Registered students can access their Zoom via their Student Portal to connect to the class.

Classes are open to everyone, not just people living on the East or West Coast – just check the timezone and pick the class time that works best for you! Groups are limited to 10 students.

How Much French
Do You Know?

Our instruction is tailored to everyone from complete beginners to very advanced speakers, with 8 levels of proficiency.

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Our 8 Level Program

Niveau 0

If you’ve always wanted to discover French, but don’t really know what to expect, sign up for an Intro to French class!

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Niveau 1

You have never taken French before, or you have, long ago, but you don’t remember much of it. Get started and sign up for our beginner level class!

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Niveau 2

You know how to introduce yourself, build a basic sentence in French, and conjugate regular verbs in the present. Keep going, you’re on the right track!

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Niveau 3

You can hold your own in basic conversation, and explain what you did yesterday or last year, using the right tense. You are ready to take your French further.

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Niveau 4

You have accumulated a certain amount of vocabulary and you’re starting to have a full grasp on the spectrum of French tenses. Your efforts are really starting to pay off.

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Niveau 5

You feel fairly confident using all major tenses. You have the grammatical framework necessary to talk about a variety of topics, but you still make some mistakes. You need to tighten up the loose ends.

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Niveau 6

At this point, you mostly need conversation practice and to polish up your already extensive grammar skills. Your French is solid, you want to keep expanding your vocab and improving the fluidity of your speech.

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Niveau 7

Your French is impressive, you probably spent some time in France or studied it for a long time. You want to maintain your conversation skills, learn more about French culture and meet fellow francophiles.

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I cannot recommend them enough, I’d give them 10 stars if I could. The price for the amount of classes, the attention and the quality of professors is a steal.

Sarah O.

If you are thinking about jumping back into learning French in an online setting- do it at Coucou!!! I can’t sing enough of their praises.

Rachel H.

Coucou is not just a school that teaches French, they also teach French culture, French history, and relevant hot topics.

Krys B.

I love how they keep the community live and active with remote classes and ways to learn. It’s great to still feel part of the community when at home.

George T.

Online Private
French Lessons

Book online private lessons with one of our experienced, native French-speaking teachers! The Coucou curriculum will be adapted to your pace and can also be made to fit your specific needs and interests – whether you need to prep for a language exam or a future trip to France.

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Book a
Trial Learn French Class

For only $40, experience the Coucou method, meet our instructors, and connect with our amazing community of students! Make sure it’s the right fit for you before committing to a class!

You’ll also receive a $40 coupon code to be used towards a full class so if you decide to continue with us, the trial class is free. The coupon code is valid for 90 days after your trial class purchase. You must be 21+ to take a class.



  • Take our placement test
  • Book your trial lesson
  • We’ll email you with scheduling options for your trial within 2 business days
  • Attend an ongoing group class
  • Sign up using your $40 credit towards your class!
  • Voilà!

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