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new! THE Coucou Flashcards pack 2!

A fun and super effective way to learn French vocabulary

  • Guess the meaning of the word in context with 2 easy-to-understand examples in French
  • Flip the card and use illustrations as a hint
  • Memorize the gender of each noun at a glance: the cards are color-coded
  • Learn full verb conjugations
  • Write your own examples directly on the card

Our “Vocab Pack 2” contains 320 cards divided into 8 different themes and is geared towards students of levels 0-3 but is also a great way for more advanced students to solidify their vocabulary!


  • La vie quotidienne (daily life)
  • Les loisirs et les hobbys (leisure and hobbies)
  • Le mobilier et la maison (furniture and home)
  • Les voyages et les déplacements (travel)
  • Le corps humain (human body)
  • La géographie et la nature (nature and geography)
  • Les métiers (jobs)
  • Les émotions et les sentiments (emotions and feelings)