Covid Safety

Please note that as of January 1st, we will require students to have received the booster shot.

We reserve the right to temporarily move in-person classes online at any point if deemed necessary.

Thank you for keeping up with us online over the past year, and for participating in our reopening survey! We are very excited to progressively resume in-person classes this summer in our New York and Los Angeles locations.

The health and safety of our staff and students is our utmost priority as we resume in-person classes, and we have implemented additional health & safety policies in preparation for reopening, which are in line with what most of you expressed in the survey. Read on and do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions or concerns!

In-person classes are reserved for fully vaccinated students so that it is safe to conduct the class in as ‘normal’ a fashion as possible. Please note that class capacity remains the same as before the pandemic (maximum 10 students per class) and that mask wearing is required in all common areas of the school. Unvaccinated students, or those who prefer to remain remote, are encouraged to take online classes!

You’ll find both online and in-person class options listed on the New York and Los Angeles group class pages.