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6. Spécialiste – L.A.

We’ll put the verb tenses and moods (indicatif, impératif, conditionnel, subjonctif), the relative pronouns and the object pronouns to good use. We’ll take these grammar rules and frame them into everyday vocabulary: all the things you need to have a rollicking conversation. As with Intermédiaire and Confirmé, we’ll conduct this class mostly in French.

You’re a Spécialiste, if...

Your speech is far from flawless. But you can converse without too much groping.

If you hear a French radio broadcast, you can decipher what’s happening—even if you don’t understand every word.

You’d like to be able to watch French movies—without subtitles. That’s what you're heading towards.

6. Spécialiste – L.A.

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