Level 5 | NYC In-person


Wednesday, Aug 07 - Wednesday, Oct 09
5:45pm - 7:15pm ET
10 Weeks


Born and raised in Paris, Gaspard also lived in China and New Zealand. He had never set foot in New York City before moving there with his wife in late 2023, and has spent a lot of time discovering the city since then. He’s always on the lookout for nice places to eat and loves cooking. He works as a product designer and is a real tech nerd!




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253 Centre St, New York NY 10013

This class will be taught mainly in French, although complex grammar points will be explained in English

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Niveau 5 –  Course book

Required Course Books.

Niveau 5 – Course book

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Niveau 5 – Exercise Book

Niveau 5 – Exercise Book

From $29.00
Flashcards – Vocab Pack 2

Flashcards – Vocab Pack 2


Exercise books are highly recommended for personal study and contain additional practice materials, as well as answer keys for all exercises. Flashcards are a fun and effective way to memorize French vocabulary.

You're Confirmé, if...

You are familiar with and feel fairly confident using all major tenses (present, passé composé, imparfait, plus-que-parfait, futur simple, conditionnel).

You are ready to take on relative pronouns and the dreaded subjonctive.

You have the basic grammatical framework necessary to express yourself, but may be missing the little extras that could make your speech that much richer and subtler.


Wednesday Aug 07: Lesson 1
Expressions of time - “since, for, in, ago”

Wednesday Aug 14: Lesson 2
The subjunctive mood - present tense

Wednesday Aug 21: Lesson 3
The subjunctive mood - use and rules

Wednesday Aug 28: Lesson 4
Speaking practice: Quiz “Are you a good liar?”

Wednesday Sep 04: Lesson 5
The subjunctive mood - past tense

Wednesday Sep 11: Lesson 6
Relative pronouns 1 - “that, which, whom, where” etc.

Wednesday Sep 18: Lesson 7
Speaking practice: Quiz “What French music star are you?”

Wednesday Sep 25: Lesson 8
Relative pronouns 2 - used with prepositions

Wednesday Oct 02: Lesson 9
Culture: “French regions”

Wednesday Oct 09: Lesson 10
Vocabulary practice: “Scattergories”