Level 7 | NYC In-person

Expert L'esthétique française

Wednesday, Jun 12 - Wednesday, Jul 03
11:00am - 1:00pm ET
4 Weeks


Anicet was born in Gien, a small town in the South of Paris, and raised in the Loire Valley. Anicet came to the US in 2018 and joined Coucou a few months later. When it comes to language nerds, Anicet has the full package! In addition to a Master’s Degree in Classics, with a specialty in linguistics and language history, he is a trained professional singer. His career has taken him worldwide singing regularly in more than 6 languages.


253 Centre St, New York NY 10013

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L’esthétique française

Get to know France as a capital of art, fashion and architecture. Immerse yourself in the arts and discover icons like Matisse, Dior, Le Corbusier and beyond. Learn to discuss key artistic movements with expertise, compare and analyze works like a pro, and build your artistic vocabulary. 


What will be covered in this module:

  • Les grands courants artistiques et les artistes qu’il faut connaître
  • Études d’oeuvres + vocabulaire de description et de comparaison
  • Histoire de la mode en France
  • L’architecture et les arts décoratifs
  • Les grands musées de France et leurs chef-d’oeuvres


This class will be taught exclusively in French.


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You're Expert, if...

You only need an occasional review of advanced grammatical topics, and you mostly want to improve your conversation skills.

You’d like to work on your French slang and learn to master idiomatic expressions so you can truly sound like a native.

You would love to meet like-minded francophiles and learn more about French culture.

You can take this class repeatedly to keep your French alive and acquire new vocabulary: no one is ever “done” learning a language!