Level 4 | NYC In-person

Intermédiaire Semi-private

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Monday, Jun 24 - Wednesday, Jul 24
6:00pm - 7:30pm ET
5 Weeks


Born and raised in Lyon, Elsa moved to NYC in 2019 to study business law and real estate. Born of French and Congolese descent, she grew up in a culturally mixed household which awakened her desire to discover the world. Elsa is a published author in France and is passionate about literature, creative writing and arts in general. She loves learning new languages and meeting people. In her free time, Elsa loves to develop her photography skills, spend time with her dog and discover new places to visit in NYC.

#Art Lover #Foodie #Playful #Supportive

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407 Broome St,2nd floor, New York NY 10013
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  • Biweekly: the class meets on Mondays & Wednesdays for 5 weeks
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This class will be taught mainly in French, although complex grammar points will be explained in English

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Niveau 4 – course book

Required Course Books.

Niveau 4 – course book

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Niveau 4 – Exercise Book

Niveau 4 – Exercise Book

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Flashcards – Vocab Pack 2

Flashcards – Vocab Pack 2

Flashcards – Vocab Pack 1

Flashcards – Vocab Pack 1


Exercise books are highly recommended for personal study and contain additional practice materials, as well as answer keys for all exercises. Flashcards are a fun and effective way to memorize French vocabulary.

You're Intermédiaire, if...

You can say “He gave it to me” or “I ate there last night.”

You can raise Parisian eyebrows with phrases like “My daughter was three when we moved” or “When I met my boyfriend, I had just finished university.”

You know the different past tenses and object pronouns pretty well, but you don’t know the simple future or the conditional.

When you watch a French movie, you can recognize a good amount of words.


Monday Jun 24: Lesson 1
Past tenses and object pronouns review

Wednesday Jun 26: Lesson 2
True crime - Read an article in French

Monday Jul 01: Lesson 3
The simple future

Wednesday Jul 03: Lesson 4
If/then sentences in the future

Monday Jul 08: Lesson 5
The conditional mood - present tense

Wednesday Jul 10: Lesson 6
If/then sentences in the present

Monday Jul 15: Lesson 7
Practice with a quiz: “How French are you?”

Wednesday Jul 17: Lesson 8
The conditional mood - past tense

Monday Jul 22: Lesson 9
If/then sentences in the past

Wednesday Jul 24: Lesson 10
Speaking practice: cultural outings