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Student Resources



Practice the vocabulary used in the Coucou Course Books level by level and lesson by lesson with these interactive Flashcards. Find Coucou on Quizlet under Coucou253. For more info on how to use this amazing tool, click here.


Mindsnacks ($4.99)

This app focuses on conversational skills and vocabulary acquisition. It offers 50
lessons and 9 different types of games. Appropriate for all ages.

Duolingo (free)

This app turns language learning into a game. Match words, fill in phrases, and
practice your pronunciation in order to level up You can even compete with your
friends. Each lesson you complete gives you points that go toward a daily goal.
The app allows you to visualize your language mastery and practice weak skills as
well. Lessons are about 5 minutes long and perfect for a subway ride or standing
in line.


Reverso Context

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Reverso Context is an application and website
that provides translation based on resources from daily conversational
sentences to movie scripts and literature. When using the application, you can
see various suggestions based on the context of your subject matter, and then
choose the most appropriate example for you. Your search history is also
automatically saved, and you can even select your favorite words and expressions
to practice for later!


Great website to practice conjugating regular verbs.

Le Dictionnaire Multifonctions de TV5 Monde

This handy dictionary site will improve your vocabulary in a number of ways. It
provides detailed definitions in French, and includes a conjugator, thesaurus, as
well as English-French and French-English translations. There are also a number
of games and quizzes available on the site to test your language skills and
cultural knowledge!


This website provides very comprehensive French-English and English-French
dictionaries. Its Language Forum pages provide insights and opinions into
finding translations for idiomatic expressions across the two languages.

Youtube Channels

Studio Bagel

Studio Bagel was created by a collective of French Youtubers and actors who make short, humorous films. You’ll find a variety of different styles of humor and get to know some of France’s most popular comic youtubers.


You might already know France’s two most famous male youtubers, Cyprien and
Norman, but have you heard of Natoo, one of the most popular French female
youtubers? Her comic videos are about everyday topics, but they often focus on
feminist issues. She also has some catchy music and dance videos, and all of
them come with English subtitles.

Damon and Jo’s channel

French videos by a pair of friends who speak fluent French. They have a bunch of
videos about language, travel, and their personal lives, but they have a few that
are mini French lessons! Here are some potentially useful ones but feel free to
venture around their channel:
– French Days of the Week
– How to pronounce the French “R”
– French filler words
– Say 70, 80, 90 in French
– Nos chansons préférées en français (in French with subtitles)
– Mots difficiles à prononcer en français (in French with subtitles)


(available through Podcast apps)

Little Talk in Slow French

Little Talk in Slow French is the perfect podcast if you’re looking to improve your listening skills, since it was created with French learners in mind. The host goes over current events while taking extra care to speak slowly and clearly, and also includes some vocab tips and translations. Each episode comes with a transcript so you can read along, or review afterwards!

Parler comme jamais

Language touches nearly every aspect of our lives, meaning that there’s a lot to discuss. Should the French language be more inclusive? Can an emoji be used as evidence in a court of law? Parler comme jamais, a podcast created by linguist Laélia Vérongoes, tackles today’s biggest questions about the French language, language use in general and some topics you’ve likely never thought about before.


Profils gathers the stories you never knew you wanted to hear. The audio documentaries range from four minutes to an hour, so there’s always an episode you can fit into your schedule. Get to know Josiane, a 78-year-old gamer who plays the Sims daily, Laurent, a mayor in the French countryside presiding over just 200 residents (how do they keep getting his cell phone number?!), among many other characters.

Le Cœur sur la table

For those who are tired of hearing “first comes love, then comes marriage…”, this one’s for you. Le Cœur sur la tablecreated by Victoire Tuaillon, takes a look at love today – what it means, how we love, and who we love – and what it could look like in the future. More than just romantic relationships, Tuaillon talks about everything from hook-up culture to the looming threat of becoming a “crazy cat lady”.

Les pieds sur terre

Inspired by This American Life, each episode of Les pieds sur terre covers a new theme and takes a more personal approach to covering the issues currently affecting French society. Thanks to the first-person format, every account feels intimate, and like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with the speakers.

Kiffe ta race

In Kiffe ta race, hosts Rokhaya Diallo and Grace Ly seek to remove the taboo that shrouds the topic of race. Each episode features a new guest and explores race in a different context: colonialism, laïcité, art and cuisine, among many others, are all on the table. They’ve even done an episode in English!


The Splash podcast is run by a team of economists and researchers looking into today’s most pressing issues and hottest debates. Get the latest on how “BookTok” has inspired a reading renaissance and driven book sales, the “uberization” of sex work, and the rise of online marketplaces for secondhand fashion items.

Affaires Etrangères

In her podcast Affaires étrangères, Christine Ockrent keeps up with a fast-changing world and examines current events with the help of experts at the top of their field: doctors, economists, historians, politicians and journalists, just to name a few.

New Deal

New Deal was conceived during the beginnings of Donald Trump’s campaign for reelection in 2020, and has since closely followed American politics and provided coverage for some of the country’s most important moments in recent history. We recommend this one for anyone looking to practice their French and gain a new perspective.

Radio France

As France’s public radio provider, Radio France offers an array of podcasts for
every interest! Programs range from politics to news, culture, and music. Check
out their website and discover something new.


Unsurprisingly, there’s a plethora of French podcasts related to cooking. This one
considers the questions: Why do we eat the way we eat? And what does this say
about our society? Every first Friday of the month, Manger releases a new
episode devoted to our dining, cooking, and food-related habits. We recommend
this podcast for you if croissants are your raison d’être.

La Poudre

Feminist activist and journalist Lauren Bastide hosts this popular podcast. Its
hour-long episodes consist of her interviews with inspirational women—often
famous French authors or artists. What’s great about this podcast is that it’s
made for an international audience and many of its episodes are dubbed in
English. This means that you can enhance your learning experience by
comparing the English and French versions!

RFI Journal en Français Facile

This podcast is designed for intermediate and advanced learners of French. It’s
hosted by real French journalists who speak slowly so that their international
listeners can understand them. Each episode has the most important news of the
day in just under ten minutes. At the end of each episode, the hosts explain in
detail at least one interesting word that they used during the broadcast. You can
consult the free online transcript of the episodes if there are phrases you don’t

News in Slow French

This program presents current news topics in a conversational way and,as the
name suggests, its hosts speak very slowly! Each episode is about 30 minutes
long. More resources are available with subscription on their website.

French Today: Easy French Poetry

Become a literary master and improve your French at the same time with this
poetry themed podcast! Teacher Camille reads a classic French poem twice,
slowly the first time so you can repeat after her, and then at a more natural pace.
Afterwards, she provides an interpretation of the text and some information
about the author.

Affaires Sensibles

Each episode of this podcast is devoted to a different political, economic, social
or cultural event of the second half of the twentieth century. The host, Fabrice
Drouelle, introduces the story and then discusses it with a guest speaker. Their
discussion is usually intertwined with film excerpts, reports, interviews, or music
related to the subject.

Le Tchip

The three hosts of Le Tchip are of Caribbean and African origins. They start each
episode by talking about pop culture, and then proceed to discuss and
summarize the important events of the week. Their conversations are focused
around events in the black community, and are a great way to learn more about
the French afropop experience.


Justine, a precocious 11-year-old, describes an element of her life in each episode.
We learn about her friends and crushes at school, her future aspirations (she
wants to have good grades in English class so she can go to Harvard), and we’re
reminded of how painful and exciting being a pre-adolescent can be. There’s only
one season of this podcast so far, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they
release the second one soon!


This addictive podcast is the perfect way for you to sharpen your listening skills
by becoming familiar with a variety of French voices and accents. Transfert is the
French equivalent of The Moth: one person recounts an intimate story from his or
her life. The narratives are often about love, family secrets, or strange
coincidences. Some of our favorite episodes include: “Jusqu’ou peut on aller pour
devenir ami avec ses voisins?”, “Savoir cerner les autres”, “La personne en face”,
“Etes-vous vraiment la personne que vous pensez être?”.

La Tête au Carré

This hour-long podcast releases new episodes every week. Experts converse in
French on a variety of scientific topics. Subjects include pasteurization, the
fragility of adolescents, and the revolution of leisure time. The episodes are long
and contain advanced vocabulary so it might be helpful to slow down the
podcast speed.

Les voisins du 12 bis

This podcast produced by RFI is perfect for beginners. They created dialogues
naturally including French and English at the same time within the story, so you
will understand and learn during the actual conversation without being
awkwardly interrupted to learn some vocabulary or grammar. Each episode also
includes a transcription, a comic version to follow with images and even a little
understanding quiz.