How to use Zoom video conferencing for Coucou classes

Connecting to Zoom

1) We recommend first downloading the desktop application:
2) The installer will automatically download, check your downloads folder to open the installer
3) You will need to authenticate the installation with your computer’s password.


Starting video class from YOUR STUDENT PORTAL :

1) Click the Zoom link on the top right corner of your Student Portal.
2) Enter password: “coucou”
3) A web browser will pop up and open the Zoom website.
4) Click “”


a) click “Cancel” if you can’t install the Zoom desktop app and your web browser is Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox,
b) then click “start from your browser”


More Info on the Zoom Web Client:

More Info on the Zoom desktop Application:

TIP: After the first class, if you’re connecting via the Zoom app, you can also access previous meetings by clicking on the little arrow on the right of the Meeting ID field.


Best practices for your Zoom classes with Coucou

Getting started learning online can be hard for anyone. We’ve got tips to help you make the best of your Zoom class experience!

What do I do if I am running late or can’t connect?
Email so we can inform your teacher.

What should I do if there is no one in my class when I connect?
Try disconnecting and reconnecting to Zoom and double check that you’re using the correct
link. If nothing changes email to receive assistance.

What should I do if I miss my class?
Make-up recordings for each lesson are available in your Student Portal.

Audio tips:
To make sure that your teachers and classmates hear you well we recommend if possible to
attend class in a quiet environment and use headphones. We kindly ask students to mute
themselves when they’re not speaking, especially if there are background noises happening.
To unmute yourself you can click on the mute/unmute button on the left bottom side of the

Video tips:
We ask you to kindly put your video on when you’re attending the class as it makes it easier
for the teacher to help you participate. Be aware of the angle/framing of your video so we can
see your face. If you’re taking classes during the day try to not be directly in front of a window as
bright sunlight may obscure your face.

Zoom Etiquette:
Out of respect for the teacher and the other students we kindly ask you to not multitask while
you’re in the class, or shut off your video if you have to do so.

Zoom display:
You can decide to use Zoom in speaker view (you only see the person speaking), or in gallery
view (you see all the participants in a grid). Especially if you’re in a conversation class we
recommend using the gallery view mode.

Teaching tools:
The teacher will use different tools during class. He/she may share his/her screen to show the
course booklet or use the whiteboard. But in casual conversations they may use the chat to
type in vocabulary. You can always save the chat by clicking on the three little dots at the
bottom right of the screen. Your teacher will remind you how to save the chat on the first day
of class.

Internet related problems:
If you experience connection or network issues during a class we recommend trying to quit
other applications in use on your computer, plug in your charger and get closer to the router.
It’s also always a good idea to regularly update Zoom.