Brooklyn Classes

Not everybody is equal when it comes to learning a foreign language, but we’ll make sure everybody gets a fair chance to achieve their goals. The hardest aspects of French are pronunciation and distinguishing words by ear, which we’ll work on by listening to French podcasts and watching French videos.

Our class formats are an ideal length of time for busy New Yorkers, and we keep the activities varied; idle chit-chat to warm up, then grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension exercises, followed by conversation practice, improv skits and word games.

Join us in our flagship Williamsburg location for daytime, evening or weekend classes.

Which class is right for you?

The Curriculum

We have developed a curriculum based on progressive grammar, which our expert teaching brings to life via oral and written comprehension and expression. We don’t conjugate in a vacuum: you will find out exactly when to use tenses, and how. We won’t simply fill your head with lists and charts of pronouns, but we’ll give you tricks to learn how to use them correctly and show you why they matter in everyday conversation.

Our Approach

Our approach is anything but clinical. We relish in getting to know you, along with your objectives, preferences, and struggles. Try a class and expand your confidence and retention in a warm and personable environment. You can repeat any level until you feel comfortable moving to the next one (or your teacher tells you that you’re ready). If you’re unsure which level to sign up for, give us a call and we’ll assess you over the phone.

Coucou Brooklyn HQ

At Coucou Brooklyn, we think that providing students with a nice and cosy environment greatly enhances the learning experience.

In our main Williamsburg location, we wanted to design a space that was playful, comfortable and esthetically pleasing. Our main room is carefully decorated with changing art exhibitions by French artists.

Students feel like they are hanging out in their friend’s living room rather than in a stale classroom. They can browse our library and enjoy our backyard in the summer. Our 3 classrooms are equipped with TVs.

The space is located at the corner of Marcy Avenue and Hope Street, close to 3 major subway lines, which makes it easily accessible from all parts of the city.