Expert classes

Level 7 classes are thematic conversation modules designed to help advanced learners maintain and further their grammar skills, boost confidence while speaking, and learn more about different aspects of French culture.

Expert classes

Classes are taught entirely in French and cover a new theme every session, so you can take them over and over again. Our core curriculum includes the following themes:


  • Exprimer ses émotions
  • Donner son opinion
  • Les registres de langue
  • Le français au travail
  • La narration
  • Voyage et gastronomie
  • L’esthétique française
  • Les médias français et l’actualité


Students can look forward to participating in a variety of activities from role playing and debates to discussing films and literature. New topics, activities, and learning materials are introduced regularly to keep up with the latest in French culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when I’m ready to move from level 6 to level 7?
If you’re in level 6 and are starting to feel more confident while speaking French and don’t struggle too much to find your words while speaking, you may be ready for level 7! To determine this, you can take our placement test, talk to your teacher, or reach out to

Can I take these modules multiple times?
Definitely! Each session covers a new theme. You can even take the same theme multiple times over, since different activities and learning materials will be used every time.

How do make-ups work?
Students can make-up one missed lesson per session by attending another group class. You can request a make-up by filling out this form. You have two weeks from your absence to attend a make-up.