Level 3 | NYC In-person


Monday, Jul 22 - Monday, Sep 30
5:45pm - 7:15pm ET
10 Weeks


Born and raised in Paris, Gaspard also lived in China and New Zealand. He had never set foot in New York City before moving there with his wife in late 2023, and has spent a lot of time discovering the city since then. He’s always on the lookout for nice places to eat and loves cooking. He works as a product designer and is a real tech nerd!




#Bookworm #Supportive #Tech-savvy


253 Centre St, New York NY 10013

*Skips Labor Day

This class will be taught mainly in English, with French being introduced gradually via simple conversation prompts.

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Niveau 3 –  course book

Required Course Books.

Niveau 3 – course book

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Niveau 3 – Exercise Book

Niveau 3 – Exercise Book

From $29.00
Flashcards – Vocab Pack 2

Flashcards – Vocab Pack 2

Flashcards – Vocab Pack 1

Flashcards – Vocab Pack 1


Exercise books are highly recommended for personal study and contain additional practice materials, as well as answer keys for all exercises. Flashcards are a fun and effective way to memorize French vocabulary.

You're Apprenti, if...

You can say “I want some milk”, “I never get up early,” and “Do you like pizza?”

You have a handle on present tense conjugation, and you’re ready to take on the past tenses.

You are getting frustrated that you can’t say things like “I know her” or “I speak to him” – bring on object pronouns!

You took a college-level French class… a long time ago.


Monday Jul 22: Lesson 1
Review of the verbs in the present tense

Monday Jul 29: Lesson 2
The “passé composé” using “avoir” as an auxiliary

Monday Aug 05: Lesson 3
The “passé composé” using “être” as an auxiliary - Part 1

Monday Aug 12: Lesson 4
The “passé composé” using “être” as an auxiliary - Part 2

Monday Aug 19: Lesson 5
The “imparfait”

Monday Aug 26: Lesson 6
Imparfait vs. passé composé

Monday Sep 09: Lesson 7
The “plus-que-parfait”

Monday Sep 16: Lesson 8
Object pronouns - Part 1

Monday Sep 23: Lesson 9
Object pronouns - Part 2

Monday Sep 30: Lesson 10
General review of Level 3