Coucou Brooklyn is a NYC-based French language school which offers intimate, culturally savvy, native-taught French classes.

We’re also a community, allowing students to meet and converse with fellow francophiles over a cup of coffee, browse our library, attend film screenings, etc in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Trial French Lesson

Not sure if you are ready to commit or which level is the best for you? Pas de problème!

Coucou is the only school in New York that invites prospective students to come and sit in on a French class for free before deciding to join. Let us know below the best way to get in touch with you to to arrange a free consultation or come to our Brooklyn HQ for a chat.

Why Coucou?

Small Class Size

Our group classes are the smallest in New York! The less students there are in the class, the more each of you get to speak and the more personal attention you get from your teacher. Classes in SoHo are limited to 8 people, and in Williamsburg you can chose between regular and "semi-private" classes.

Free Trial Class

Coucou is the only school in New York to allow prospective students to come and sit in on a French class for free before deciding that they want to join, or to have their level accurately assessed by one of our teachers. Almost every student who comes for a trial class ends up joining us!

Custom Course Content

We have designed our own curriculum for each level, as well as our own course booklets for levels 1 through 4, to get you to speak the way real people speak in modern France. The custom content is a mix of grammar lessons and fun activities - always with a little bit of homework to get you to practice in between classes.



Join us in our flagship Williamsburg location for classes anytime plus special events, workshops and parties!

In our Williamsburg location, we offer two types of weekly group classes in the daytime, evenings and weekends: a regular format in groups of 9 people, and an intensive “semi-private” format in groups of 4 people.

French Lessons In Brooklyn


Coucou Soho @ Fueled

Whether you live or work in downtown Manhattan, you no longer need to cross the East River to get to us!

We are offering group classes in the beautiful offices of Fueled at the corner of Broadway and Prince Street in SoHo – classes are held in the evening Monday through Thursday.

French Lessons In Manhattan