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7 tips to practice your French at home
March 23, 2020 / Culture

7 tips to practice your French at home

Since March 16th, the French have been confined at home and have had to find ways to tromper l’ennui (escape boredom!). Luckily, le ministère de la culture and other French organizations have come up with great online solutions to help you stay culturally engaged at home. For instance, you can browse the Louvre’s collection online or use the hashtag #ensembleàlamaison on Facebook or Instagram to watch live performances of French artists like Christine and the Queens! 

At Coucou, we’ve been brainstorming new ways to help our students practice their French from home. Learning a language works best when you can interact with others, and we know that the coming weeks will be a particularly challenging time for our community. But we’re also confident that our online classes will bring us together as we continue our language-learning projects. To help our students adjust to at-home learning in the coming weeks, we’re publishing a series of posts about ways to stay immersed in French chez toi. Find our suggestions for cultural activities below! 

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