Macarons baking class

Saturday, Oct 01
2:00pm - 5:00pm

With Atelier Sucré

Saturday October 1st at 2pm

Find out what the macaron craze is all about! Deceptively simple in appearance, the macaron is a true piece of art and perfecting this French delicacy requires specific techniques. This Fall, Coucou is partnering with Atelier Sucré to offer an unforgettable culinary experience. Join us on Saturday, October 1st at 2:00pm to learn how to make your own French macarons. During this class, students will learn how to prepare, bake and put together this delightfully sweet creation. One of Atelier Sucré’s French pastry chefs will guide you through every step of the way; and Coucou ambassador Quentin Bruno will be on hand to explain all the sugary French vocab you might need to experience the joys of French patisserie. You’ll leave with a box of homemade macarons and a recipe so you can treat your loved ones at home!

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