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You dream of hanging out on the quais de Seine and watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle at midnight, but you feel you have no idea how to get around in Paris with your broken French?

Don’t worry – French for Travel has got your back! In our 3-hour crash course, you’ll learn how to make small talk, book accommodation and transportation, order at a restaurant, plan activities and more!

In addition to teaching you the language basics, we’ll help you answer practical questions such as: should I leave a tip? Should I stay at an auberge de jeunesse? How does the métro work? How am I supposed to find my way around the tiny streets of le Marais? Why can’t French people stand in line? Why is the waiter getting offended if I call him garçon?

If you want to learn some cultural tips straight from a Parisian girl, French for Travel is for you: book your plane tickets, and let Coucou do the rest!

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French for Travel

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