The French Art of Perfumery w/ diptyque


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Thursday March 10th from 7 to 8:30pm

This March, Coucou is partnering with the iconic French fragrance house diptyque, renowned for its signature candles and exceptional fragrances.

Join us for an exclusive workshop at the diptyque flagship boutique on Prince Street! Your hosts, Coucou teacher Quentin Bruno and a diptyque ambassador, will take you on an olfactory journey deep into the savoir faire of French perfumery. Smell, the sense most closely linked to memory and emotions, has captivated humankind throughout our history.  Learn firsthand how our maîtres parfumeurs harness/control this power – and pick up some French vocab on the way!

Attendees will get the chance to discover the Maison’s home and personal fragrance collections.

The event will be accompanied by refreshments and surprises!

diptyque, 31 Prince Street, New York, 10012


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