Kick off Paris 2024 with our own Little Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony event at Coucou NYC on July 26!

Kick off Paris 2024 with our own Little Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony event at Coucou NYC on July 26!


December 07, 2022   TV, Films & Podcasts

In January we gave you our list of the top French series to stream in 2022, as well as the brand new series to expect during the year. Now that they’ve officially aired, we’re ready to talk about them, and let you know what we’re most excited to watch in 2023.

By Alaina Schwartz





October brought us the eight-part series Marie-Antoinette, an English-language historical drama and portrait of France’s most famous queen. The series takes a feminist approach to Marie-Antoinette’s life, and depicts her navigation (and rejection) of the impossible societal standards of being Queen. The series has wowed viewers with scenes that were filmed on-location at the Palace of Versailles, impeccable costumes, and an international cast. If you’re in France or the UK, you can watch on Canal+ or through BBC Two (maybe you’ve already watched!). American viewers will have to wait just a little longer, and can expect a release in the United States in Spring of 2023. Watch the trailer below!



While watching the series, turn on French subtitles to learn new vocabulary, compare sentence structure, and test your comprehension! 



Season 1 of Drôle (Standing Up) was released by Netflix back in March, and can be streamed right now in the United States. The series was created by Fanny Herrero, who you may know as the creator of Dix pour cent (Call My Agent). Set in Paris, the series follows the lives of four comedians struggling to make it in the often-unforgiving world of stand-up. You’re guaranteed to laugh, but also get to see their more human side. You’ll watch them grapple with money, sense of self, family, and career. The show has received praise for its authenticity, relatable and loveable cast of characters, and its treatment of prominent social issues. It’s a true breath of fresh air, but hasn’t been renewed for a second season, so be sure to savor every episode. 



Keep a notebook at your side while watching Drôle, you’re bound to learn tons of new and current French slang!





Judith Godrèche, who you may know from films like The Overnight and L’auberge espagnole (The Spanish Apartment), will partner with A24 and ARTE to produce a comedy series based on her own life. Godrèche is an experienced actress and director, and her “alter-ego” (also named Judith), is set to be the star. Icon of French Cinema will be an English- and French-language series, so this will be a great opportunity to practice your franglais. The series has no set release date yet, but is already in production!

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Thanks to a recent development in France’s film and television industry, we can expect a ramp up of French series in 2023. As of early December, Prime Video and France’s foremost industry representatives have signed a pact to increase the platform’s French-language content. Numerous films and series are already in the works, including Killer Coaster. The synopsis hasn’t been released, but we know it will star Audrey Lamy alongside her sister Alexandra, and her niece Chloé Jouannet. Read more about the casting here (in French!) and watch a short teaser.

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An icon among icons, Brigitte Bardot is one of France’s most well-known names and instantly-recognizable faces. In 2023, France 2 will be releasing a mini-series about the model, actress, and singer’s early life and rise to stardom. The series will be bookended by her beginnings as a dancer at the Conservatoire de Paris in 1949, and the birth of her son in 1960. Bardot will be portrayed by actress Julia de Nunez, an industry newcomer. 

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Get to know Julia de Nunez and read about her journey to landing the titular role here!

If you’d like to revisit some classics, or discover even more French series, check out The Top French Language Shows to Stream in 2022.

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